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Artist Statement

Anna is an ever curious multidisciplinary designer with a quirky and bold aesthetic with knitting as her specialty but an innate curiosity for any material she can get her hands on. She likes the excitement and the challenges that come with working with a new a medium whether it be physical or digital. She was raised in Budapest, completed her BA at the London College of Fashion in Fashion Textiles: Knit and her MA at the Royal College of Art in Textiles. 

Anna’s work is vibrant with a rainbow of a colour palette and a comic input. Humour is an essential part of her work which can sometimes make the audience feel uncomfortable, nervous or disgusted. Her aim is to make the audience question themselves why they feel the way they do when they look at her work. And the humour aspect you achieve through the knitting element adds a touch of lightheartedness to uncomfortable subjects making these topics more approachable. She wants the audience to start a discussion and to learn and be able to go home having experienced something emotional.

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